“Thank you Claire for your time and effort in my session. I gained a much clearer insight into myself and the information I received has helped me see things with a different perspective. I also gained great comfort from the passing of my Missy Cat. The healing part of the session was lovely and I feel stronger for it. You have a gentle, caring soul and I feel honoured to have had this session with you.”

— Best wishes always, Barbara

“I came to see Georgie after my mum passed away and I had been shattered by the last two years of Covid. I was suffering anxiety and stress from the conflict of Covid conditions. I came to Georgie after my skin had started to react at 54 years of age and I had broken out in Eczema. Georgie did a healing on me which I truly believe calmed my nervous system down and brought a sense of calm to me physically and mentally. Georgie certainly has a gift! It helped to support my belief to explore other options of healing, rather than quickly turning to pharmaceuticals. I will be returning without a doubt. Thank you Georgie.”

— Karen

“I instantly felt calm walking into Georgie’s studio and had a very noticeable uplifting experience that has stayed with me long after the session.”

— Kristian

“During the past 3 years I’ve felt lost and confused. I needed to focus on things I hadn’t dealt with for many years, mainly myself and my many flaws. After booking a session at Wisdom Woven in Time Healing, Claire channelled my guides and I received answers during this session I wouldn’t have thought possible. The results were simply amazing and I left the session with a more positive and focused mind body and soul. I now know what I need to work on. Even if you think you know what you should do for yourself, to hear it from another dimension is literally out of this World! After the session, I found myself totally focused and stress free, with less anger and confusion, it had all been too much of a jigsaw puzzle before. Claire was totally calming, professional and I can’t wait for my next healing session. Thank you Claire for a life changing experience.”

— Warm Regards, Trav

“I had the great fortune of having a healing session with Georgie last week. A friend had recommended her and said “you must try her, she’s amazing and very talented”. As a fellow Reiki practitioner, I am always keen to do the self care required. I found Georgie to be warm and welcoming, settling me into her beautiful healing space immediately. The session was nurturing and emotional. Georgie’s experience with energy work and holding space was apparent and I left feeling a big shift. The days that followed emerged more and more what I had experienced on the table. This helped me move some unwanted emotional stagnation. I highly recommend Georgie and her practice to anyone.”

— Toni B

“Thank you Georgie for your wonderful channelling and healing. The moment I arrived I felt comfortable and knew that you were coming straight from your heart, pure love. During the healing I was mostly in the timeless and felt a lot of physical alignments which was great. I have a lot more clarity and am feeling much more peaceful. Thank you”

— Suzie 🙏💕

“Meeting Claire was just mind blowing: I knew from the start that the universe was trying to tell me something and that I should pay attention, on purpose, in a particular way, with no judgement!It was my first experience with a psychic and I can’t deny I was a little sceptical at first and a bit scared, as she told me she could put me in contact with both my parents, who have sadly passed away a few years ago.Claire welcomed me in her beautiful home, with candles and aromas that immediately made me feel comfortable and at peace.She walked me through the process, never pushed me and was always mindful of my well-being.It was obviously very emotional however so relieving and comforting!My guides were extremely talkative (as she said lol) and both my parents came to greet me: absolutely mind blowing! I asked a couple of questions and I knew they were there because the words she used for sure were coming from them.After the “chat” Claire gave me a full reiki session and Crystal healing which lifted a massive stone from my heart!The sense of love and self esteem were at the highest I’ve ever experienced after our session; I had the best sleep and still carry that sense of “it’s ok, you’ve got this type feeling” with me after days!I would definitely recommend her and will definitely go back for more “love”.Bless you Claire🙏, you are one of a kind.”

— Isabella – whytewhispers

“Following The Venus Twins on YouTube I made an appointment for Quantum Healing with Georgie. The ambience in the room was ideal and Georgie is a gentle, inviting soul as you can tell by the videos.  There is no doubt that Georgie has access to other Worlds which provided great insight into my own World, past and present.  We seemed to be on a compatible wave length so I could understand the responses she was receiving and passing onto me.The crystal healing session was beyond what I could ever have expected and immediately following I was 'cleared' and felt amazing...and still do, some weeks later.  It made a huge mental and physical ....and metaphysical difference to me. I also felt a great calmness and happiness from what I'd experienced. Very grateful for Georgie's gift.”

— Sincerely, Gwenda

I was fortunate to have had the most profound healing with Claire recently.  It was beautiful in every sense; the amazing Angelic Claire, the setting, the conversations with my Guides and the most magnificent healing I have ever had.  At the age of 66 I always had this underlying feeling/fear that I couldn’t quite work out and it was present in every aspect of my life.  I have searched for decades for an answer and the issue was identified within minutes of Claire speaking with my guides.  That fear had underpinned my addiction/s and self-sabotage for so many years.  The session with Claire has changed me dramatically, I am less addictive, so very happy, I live with a sense of peace and feel so incredibly strong as a woman.  Thank you Claire.

— Deb, Melbourne

Thank you Claire for such a wonderful session. I felt an instant connection with you the moment I met you and I knew our session was just going to be magical. Our spiritual teams did not disappoint, delivering such informative and loving messages that have helped me to shift vibrationally, from feeling like I was stuck in a holding pattern, to now having a focused destination. Thank you for facilitating such a wonderful experience. I highly recommend to anyone a healing session with Claire.

— Much Gratitude, Pania – Infinite Essence

“I had a pet psychic reading done with Claire and I was totally blown away. I rescued the most beautiful dog, Bindi, a Kelpie X Dingo who has been my rock through some of my darkest days. Bindi unfortunately got out one day, went on the hunt and killed my neighbour’s sheep. This was very traumatising and left me feeling helpless, not knowing what to do. My neighbour was very understanding thankfully and I was now challenged with the responsibility to ensure this never happens again. Apart from the physical preventative measures I could put in place I still had lots of concerns/questions which is why I booked the psychic reading.During the reading I learned about Bindi’s past lives, her soul mission this lifetime, how she ended up at the pound to be rescued, how she feels living domestically or if she would be happier out bush down to her food and portion sizes.We live on a property and had intended to have chickens and some more animals so any questions/concerns about this were also answered.Bindi’s guides offered some advice and words of wisdom. Bindi’s higher self had some lovely feedback to provide and I was left feeling reassured and full of love. I really was blown away throughout the whole reading, even the little cheeky comments Bindi’s higher self made which is exactly the cheeky little pup she is. There were tears, laughter and lots of awh moments.Claire is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend a pet psychic reading to anyone with a furry best friend. Be warned… your heart will expand massively ”

— Fiona

Quantum Transformation for healing the inner childI have had three sessions with Claire and recommend the Venus Twins as authentic, powerful, transformational healers. I am very, very sensitive and many healers are not coming from the right place for me, however every time I have a session with Claire the transformational process happens immediately. The last session was Quantum Transformation for healing the inner child. Due to a heavy childhood, I had a lot of self hatred and Claire was able to heal this. Gradually over several months I have come to a place of increasing self acceptance. The critical voice has disappeared. It can take a few months to integrate as the Venus Twins work on a deep cellular and Quantum level. It is clear she is working with much higher energies that work through her every time. Besides this, Claire is one of the most compassionate, warm, and understanding healers I have come across. I am forever grateful that the world has the Venus Twins in it, and their team of loving energies to help us heal sometimes what seems impossible. They are the real deal and their Venus energy shines the light and love that we need in the world.

— Nicole Louis

I am very pleased that I did. During the treatment I could feel some sensation around my heart but mainly around my head where I felt like something was being pulled out from my head (after the second vaccine, I experienced strange sensations in my head). Before the healing from Georgie, my husband would use Reiki around my heart and he felt a lot of heat to the point that his hands were sweating. Since the healing from Georgie, we have tried this healing again to see what would happen and he did not feel any heat, a complete change. My pulse rate has increased also which is reassuring. I am very grateful for this healing experience that was facilitated by Georgie as it has helped me considerably.

— Tracey