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Healing from the Vaccine, Scientific Proof!

Kevin Hoyt and Lisa Schermerhorn discuss the new healing that she has been trained in that removes the covid vaccine. Her client had a live blood analysis done and you will see the difference before and after.

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The Unjected Show #60 | Vaxxed Blood Analysis & Detox

Joining us tonight is Lisa Shermerhorn, author, speaker, and a transformational leader with over 20 years experience as an expert in the fields of human behavior, leadership and personal development. She is the author of the bestselling book “In Every Belief is a Lie”.

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New Vaxx HEALING 4 All by CHRIST-Clinical Proof

Connect with Lisa Schermerhorn to consult on a Vaxx Healing for you or your loved ones

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DIVINE MOTHER EARTH TIME #34: RETURN TO SOVEREIGNTY with LISA B. SCHERMERHORN! She has HUGE NEWS for humanity! Lisa has been trained by the Venus Twins in Australia, who channeled a healing from the Andromedan Council of 9 to remove the Covid Vaccine at a cellular level and reconnect people to Source.

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Actual PROOF of CHRIST HEALING CV19 Vaxx Injured

Lisa is trained in the Return to Sovereignty and God Healing which removes the harmful components of the Covid19 Vaccine.

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Vaccine Damage Cured by God? With Scientific Evidence?

Can the injuries caused by the bio-weapon clot shot we lovingly refer to as the “vaccine” be cured by God? It’s a question I have always personally known the answer to but in a “post-fact society”

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