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Return to Sovereignty and God - the Healing (Covid19 Vaccine Injury Healing)

Return to Sovereignty and God - the Healing is a gift from God to Humanity. This healing will return your soul back to its home within your body. The healing is a miracle because many Benevolent Beings are called in to assist and support the client from the moment the session begins and forever more.

The healing itself is a beautiful experience where the client will be re-connected to Source/ God/Creator/Spirit/The Divine Oneness, whatever you like to call this Divine energy is ok, as long as you believe it, this healing will work for you. Simply believing in the power of love is enough, because God IS love and so are you. 

This is also a healing that has many associated health benefits to it. 

A beautiful cosmic event will take place during this God-gifted healing, whereby your body’s frequency and vibration will be up-lifted from carbon based to the 5D crystalline vibration and frequency. The Covid19 Vaccine disrupts this natural cosmic event within your body. Return to Sovereignty & God – The Healing is so magnificent because it does this for you and with your consent. What a miracle this healing is.


The healing requires a Consent Form to be signed after reading a document called “Faith in God” channelled by The Andromedan Council of Nine. This document does not contain any religious dogma and is very beautiful in its wording. Consent is required from the client for this healing to be successful.

Clients should expect that the session will be very peaceful and relaxing and not at all in disharmony with their body in any way. Angels are called in for this healing and so is Jesus. This is a healing for all people, including children and the elderly. 

A Guarantee comes with Return to Sovereignty and God the Healing. Please read below.


Declaration From The Andromedan Council Of Nine

“The Andromedan Council of Nine Declares that every single “Return to Sovereignty and God” Healing that is given by a qualified Facilitator is a success and we declare this on today’s date, being the 24th of November 2022, in the presence of God Almighty and Jesus Christ himself and The Holy Spirit. So, it is done and stated, and all is well in Jesus name, this Healing is blessed.”

“This declaration is from a Benevolent Galactic Council who have so much love for Humanity that it cannot be described in words because the vibration of love is infinite in its description and in its presence. We, The Andromedan Council of Nine have tried our best to give the clients all the necessary love they need throughout the entire healing process. We are in love with Humanity and so it is.

Thank you God and Praise Jesus.”



We suggest that clients be prepared for some down time for a few days after this healing, as they may feel a little worse before they feel better. This may not be the case for all, but it’s best to be prepared for this.

The process of cellular detoxification takes a total of 10 days.

After the healing, the client should also expect to instantly feel a deeper sense of spirituality within themselves and this is perhaps one of the most beautiful components of this healing. It is spiritually enhancing in so many ways, that the Angels sing in harmony during these healings and afterwards, they sing in unison, which is God’s favourite experience.

The client will be in loving hands with The Venus Twins, so know and trust that you are being healed in the name of love and this healing is able to be experienced in person or via Zoom. Both are as effective as each other.

The healing is also recommended to be experienced during any stage of the life span, so at any stage after the client has taken the vaccine, it doesn’t matter when this occurs.


There is an additional healing that is required and it is called The Inner Child Healing. This is very important for clients who have diagnosed Myocarditis or Pericarditis, or ANY heart related disease. 

The Covid19 Vaccine can exacerbate pre-existing conditions and those whose heart muscle is damaged after taking the Covid19 Vaccine, (as per the Andromedan Council of Nine’s advice) have deep, core inner child wounds that are closely related to the heart and the emotion of “vulnerability”. This healing addresses the heart and its vulnerability and fills the heart with unconditional love from God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

The Inner Child Healing is very similar to Return to Sovereignty and God healing, but it has a separate and very different intention. This follow up healing is very necessary for those who have had the vaccine and have had it affect their heart. The Inner Child Healing is a gift from God and is required at least 2 weeks after the Return to Sovereignty and God healing.

Clients do not need to fill out any consent form for this second healing. They just need to be willing to have it done and consent by word. A discounted package is available for those who require a follow up Inner Child Healing.


Return to Sovereignty and God the Healing is not a cure all for a client’s sickness and or disease within the body. However, miracle results are achieved and this is where we focus our attention and celebrate it.

A client must understand that the healing sets the intention for all Benevolent Beings called in, to help the client also heal themselves and this is well and truly understood by the client before they arrive, having signed the consent form.


Clients can choose either an in-person session (in Melbourne, Australia) or a remote session via Zoom. Both are equally as effective as each other. We also offer the Quantum Transformation Healing and the Vaccine Injury Healing with both Georgie and Claire together. This can be done in-person or via Zoom.

The power of the two of us, as Twin Flames, working together is extremely effective in the sense that the energy is doubled in its potency and heart centered love. It doubles in its effect and this is beautiful because the creation that is being made is co-created by three human beings and not two, as per a usual session. The power of three is a magical number and has a greater effect on the cells and the ability of the cells to transform and transmute energy. So why not try a Venus Twins session in-person or via Zoom. You will certainly enjoy the experience.

1 x In-Person Session: 1.5 – 2 hours (approx.)

Cost: $400


1 x Zoom Session: 1.5 hours (approx)

Cost: $300


Package for Return to Sovereignty and God Healing with Inner Child Healing In-Person (for those with a diagnosed heart condition)

Cost: $750 (saving of $50) 2 x healing sessions 2 weeks apart


Package for Return to Sovereignty and God Healing with Inner Child Healing via Zoom (for those with a diagnosed heart condition)

Cost: $550 (saving of $50) 2 x healing sessions 2 weeks apart


Combined Twin Flames Healing 1 x In-Person (with both Claire & Georgie): 2 – 2.5 hours (approx.)

Cost: $1,000


Combined Twin Flames Healing 1 x Zoom (with both Claire & Georgie): 1.5 – 2 hours (approx.)

Cost: $800

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