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Quantum Transformation Healing

The Quantum Transformation Healing is a force to be reckoned with. A beautiful, powerful, energetic, vibrational, cellular healing that can change a person’s reality and their body all at the same time.

The Quantum Field is a space of limitless possibilities and resources. The Quantum Field is available beyond the veils of time and space. Clients are taken to a place within themselves that understands this innately and all that it has to teach them and heal them. 

Spiritually speaking, the Quantum Field is God/Source energy, an energy that is within them already. Clients will be attuned to this energy and taken back “home”, (within themselves), to remember just how powerful they are and how they have the power within them to heal ANYTHING.


Georgie and Claire have their own unique way of working with people, but both achieve the same results using Source Energy and the Quantum Field to transform you at a cellular level.

Sessions begin with a sit-down chat to establish why you have come for a healing and any questions you may have.

There will be an offering of a short psychic reading to help establish the intention for the healing.

The sessions may also involve life-changing timeline adjustments, past-life recognition and healing with your Ancestors and other Benevolent Beings that wish to join in the Healing.

Georgie and Claire are both Reiki Masters and use this beautiful Universal energy, together with crystals, sound & vibrational healing, Light Language, Source Energy (unconditional love) and the Quantum Field to completely transform your body, soul and mind in a very short amount of time in a relaxing environment.

Georgie and Claire also work with your inner child if it is appropriate and this work is extremely powerful and beneficial to your life now and throughout your entire lifespan and well into the future. An Inner Child Healing is not required for everyone, but it is available when the circumstances are brought to The Venus Twin’s attention. This may also be added into your Quantum Healing Session and something to be rejoiced and celebrated, because inner child healing is perhaps the most powerful healing that you can experience. 

All healings are in the best interest of the client and all life everywhere.


Clients can choose either an in-person session (in Melbourne, Australia) or a remote session via Zoom. Both are equally as effective as each other. We also offer the Quantum Transformation Healing and the Vaccine Injury Healing with both Georgie and Claire together. This can be done in-person or via Zoom.

The power of the two of us, as Twin Flames, working together is extremely effective in the sense that the energy is doubled in its potency and heart centered love. It doubles in its effect and this is beautiful because the creation that is being made is co-created by three human beings and not two, as per a usual session. The power of three is a magical number and has a greater effect on the cells and the ability of the cells to transform and transmute energy. So why not try a Venus Twins session in-person or via Zoom. You will certainly enjoy the experience.

1 x In-Person Session: 1.5 – 2 hours (approx.)

Cost: $400


1 x Zoom Session: 1.5 hours (approx)

Cost: $300


Combined Twin Flames Healing 1 x In-Person (with both Claire & Georgie): 2 – 2.5 hours (approx.)

Cost: $1,000


Combined Twin Flames Healing 1 x Zoom (with both Claire & Georgie): 1.5 – 2 hours (approx.)

Cost: $800

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