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Quantum Transformation Healing

Georgie and Claire work with their spirit Guides to gain an understanding of each person’s individual needs. We work with Source energy to heal our clients from any ailments they may have, including removal of all vaccine injuries.

We help people to move energy in their body at the root cause of the issue.

Quantum healing is very powerful, very simple and it feels really good to do it.

QTH creates major change in a very fast amount of time. Other modalities take a lot longer to create change.

Everything we experience has an internal response, whether we feel it or not. We lock our emotions down so we don’t have to feel them, as a protective mechanism. Suppression of our emotions is what causes dis-ease.

QTH helps release all those “programs” that have been stored in your body, by going within to a cellular level, instead of looking outside ourselves for the answers. By going within, we find God.

QTH teaches you to become your own healer and is really simple and easy to do anytime, anywhere. It also helps keep you healthy and feeling great.


Georgie and Claire have their own unique way of working with people, but both achieve the same results using Source energy and the Quantum field to transform you at a cellular level.

Sessions begin with a sit-down chat to establish why you have come for a healing and any questions you may have.

There will be an offering of a psychic reading to help establish why you need the healing and the reasons you are telling yourself that you are unwell will surprise you.

The Sessions may also involve life-changing timeline adjustments, past-life recognition and healing with your Ancestors and any other Benevolent Entities that wish to join in the Healing.

We also offer removal of negative attachments and entities from the body and soul of a person who is experiencing difficulties relating to their personality. They may be feeling as though they are not themselves at the moment, in some way that is noticeable to others around them that know them well.

Please Note: You need to CONSENT to having negative entities removed with God’s help and assistance.

Georgie and Claire use a combination of Reiki, sound & vibrational healing, light language, Source energy and the quantum field to completely transform your body, soul and mind in a very short amount of time in a relaxing environment.

All healings are in the best interest of the client and all life everywhere.

Sessions last approximately 1.5 hours.

Price $300

Sessions: 1.5 hours (approx.)

Cost: $300

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