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Quantum Transformation Healing for Animals

This beautiful service will benefit the animal, be it domesticated or wild, in raising its vibration and feeling a stronger body, soul and spirit.

It will also help establish reasons as to why the animal is experiencing the event that is being enquired about and for the human to understand more deeply about this and how they can help and assist spiritually and also practically to help the animal evolve and heal.

We ask you to hear the animal’s side of the story, in full awareness of their perspective in this lifetime, or as the soul that has passed over looking back on the lifetime, as they speak to you through their Higher Self. It’s very important to listen to them and to take on board their needs and their desires, for you and for them to have a much better quality relationship.

This will help the animal to heal and to have a better relationship with you too in this lifetime now on Earth, not in other lifetimes they may have had, or are currently having in other incarnations of themselves.

To own a pet is not the correct language to use. To be in the same incarnation with your pet is the correct interpretation of the relationship you have with the animal you are so privileged to share this lifetime with.

The animal does not need to be physically present with you for this healing, however, we leave this up to your discretion if you would like them to be present with you.

All services with animals must be done via Zoom.

Georgie and Claire use a combination of their Psychic/Channelling Gifts, Reiki, Sound & Vibrational Healing, Light Language, Source Energy and the Quantum Field to heal Animals.

Sessions last approximately 1.5 hours.

International clients, please note we are in Melbourne, Australia and work in Australian Eastern Standard Time – AEST, (English only).

Price $300

Sessions: 1.5 hours (approx.)

Cost: $300

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