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Quantum Healing Therapy - God/Source Energy Healing

Quantum Healing Therapy is a force to be reckoned with. A beautiful, powerful, energetic, vibrational, cellular healing that can change a person’s reality and their body all at the same time.

Discover the Healing Capabilities That Lie Within You

Harnessing the Quantum Field

Quantum Healing Therapy taps into the Quantum Field, a realm of boundless possibilities and resources that transcends the constraints of time and space. Clients are guided to connect with this innate source of power, wisdom, and healing.

Customised Healing Approach

Facilitated by Georgie and Claire, both Reiki Masters, this therapy is personalised to meet your unique needs. Using Source Energy and Quantum Field techniques, they work together to bring about cellular transformations that go beyond conventional healing.

Intention Setting

Sessions begin with an in-depth discussion to understand your specific healing goals and intentions. This is complemented by a short psychic reading, which helps establish the focus of the healing.

Holistic Healing Toolkit

Georgie and Claire employ a holistic approach that combines Reiki, crystals, sound and vibrational healing, Light Language, and unconditional love (Source Energy). This comprehensive toolkit is designed to heal your body, soul, and mind in a short amount of time, creating a profound sense of relaxation.

Inner Child Healing

The healing experience includes Inner Child Healing, a powerful method that can benefit your present and future. While not mandatory for all clients, it is available when circumstances suggest that it could be a transformative component of your healing journey.

Client-Centric Care

All healing sessions prioritise the best interests of the client and extend to the well-being of all life everywhere, reinforcing the holistic nature of Quantum Transformation Healing.

Sessions: 1.5 hours (approx.)

Cost: $300

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Quantum Healing Therapy - God/Source Energy Healing

Sessions: 1.5 hours (approx.)

Cost: $300

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Experience the Quantum Leap in Your Healing Journey

Quantum Healing Therapy

Explore the realm of quantum healing, unlocking powerful techniques that go beyond conventional therapies to heal at the cellular level.

Cellular Rejuvenation

Quantum Transformation Healing facilitates cellular rejuvenation, allowing your body to heal and renew itself.

Spiritual Reconnection

Connect with your inner spirituality, unlocking the innate power and wisdom within you. Experience a spiritual homecoming that reaffirms your divine nature.

Comprehensive Healing

Benefit from a holistic approach that combines various healing modalities, leaving no aspect of your well-being unaddressed.

Inner Child Healing

Access the transformative power of inner child healing, which can positively impact your life now and well into the future.

Greater Well-Being

Embrace the power of quantum healing techniques to experience a profound shift in your reality, with the potential to unlock a brighter and healthier future.

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Your Quantum Transformation Journey Begins Here

The Quantum Field is a space of limitless possibilities and resources. It is available beyond the veils of time and space. Clients are taken to a place within themselves that understands this innately and all that it has to teach them and heal them.

Spiritually speaking, the Quantum Field is God/Source energy, an energy that is within them already. Clients will be attuned to this energy and taken back “home”, (within themselves), to remember just how powerful they are and how they have the power within them to heal ANYTHING

What to Expect in a Session

  • Georgie and Claire have their own unique way of working with people, but both achieve the same results using Source Energy and the Quantum Field to transform you at a cellular level.
  • Sessions begin with a sit-down chat to establish why you have come for a healing and any questions you may have.
  • There will be an offering of a short psychic reading to help establish the intention for the healing.
  • The sessions may also involve life-changing timeline adjustments, past-life recognition and healing with your Ancestors and other Benevolent Beings that wish to join in the Healing.
  • Georgie and Claire are both Reiki Masters and use this beautiful Universal energy, together with crystals, sound & vibrational healing, Light Language, Source Energy (unconditional love) and the Quantum Field to completely transform your body, soul and mind in a very short amount of time in a relaxing environment.
  • Georgie and Claire also work with your inner child if it is appropriate and this work is extremely powerful and beneficial to your life now and throughout your entire lifespan and well into the future. 
  • An Inner Child Healing is not required for everyone, but it is available when the circumstances are brought to The Venus Twin’s attention. 
  • This may also be added into your Quantum Healing Therapy Session and something to be rejoiced and celebrated, because inner child healing is perhaps the most powerful healing that you can experience. 
  • All healings using quantum healing techniques are in the best interest of the client and all life everywhere.
  • Clients can choose either an in-person session (in Melbourne, Australia), or a remote session via Zoom. Both are equally as effective as each other.

The Pricing for Quantum Healing Therapy

  • Price for an in-person healing $375 this session lasts approximately 2 hours
  • Price for a Zoom healing $300 this session lasts approximately 1.5 hours

Additional Services

Return to Sovereignty and God Healing OR Quantum Transformation Healing with both of The Venus Twins:

  • In Person (Melbourne Australia) $1000 this session lasts approximately 2 to 2.5 hours
  • Via Zoom $800 this session lasts approximately 1.5 hours

  • A Zoom link will be emailed to you prior to your session.
  • You do not need to have a Zoom account to access the meeting. Just click on the link and it will open Zoom on your device or computer.
  • Make sure the camera and sound are both on and check your volume button. A laptop or desktop computer is preferred if possible.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection and use the App provided here to check the Timezone in your State and/or Country.
  • Your session will be recorded and a copy sent to you via WeTransfer. Please download this to your device within 7 days of receiving it, or it will expire.
  • We begin the session with you sitting upright with your device in front of you for a pre-healing discussion and offer of a short psychic reading to establish the intention for the healing.
  • We then ask you to lie down somewhere comfortable, quiet and warm on your back if possible, or recline in a comfortable chair for the Reiki component of the healing.
  • Make sure your device is nearby so you can hear the music we play and our voice.

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Experience Quantum Healing Therapy Like Never Before

Quantum Healing Therapy is not just a healing experience; you're transforming your reality, your body, and your life. The heart of this service is the Quantum Field, a realm that holds endless possibilities and resources, beyond the constraints of time and space.

Within this space, you will be guided to tap into the innate wisdom of the Quantum Field, a form of Source energy that resides within you. It's a deeply spiritual experience, allowing you to remember your inherent power to heal anything. Quantum healing techniques reawaken your connection to your true self, fostering a sense of self-empowerment that knows no bounds.