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Psychic Readings

The main purpose and benefit of our psychic readings is to give insight into your past, which could be past lives, Ancestral links, or specific events in this lifetime that have had a profound effect on you.

All dis-ease begins when we forget who we truly are.

We forget we are an eternal being, created by God with the power to heal our own body, mind and spirit.

The World we live in is filled with programs, events, traumas and emotions that can greatly affect us.

Through connecting with our Guides and your Guides, we are able to establish what is holding you back in this lifetime from being healthy, free of fear and all other ailments.

We are then able to give you ways to make positive change which will enable healing and remembrance of who you truly are.


We will start by sitting with you and having a chat about why you have come to see us and establish any questions you may have.

Then the session will begin with us connecting with your Guides and having a conversation with them.

This can be a very moving and inspiring experience, always filled with love for you.

A Reading can be very helpful for people who have gone through some form of change in their lives during this difficult time we are experiencing now on Planet Earth. We work with these people to help them to find their true purpose in the Great Awakening, to help humanity to awaken and be healed from all ailments and all vaccine related injuries.

All healings are in the best interest of the client and all life everywhere.

A Psychic Reading Session lasts approximately 1 hour.

International clients, please note we are in Melbourne, Australia and work in Australian Eastern Standard Time – AEST, (English only).

The price is $220

Sessions: 1 hour (approx.)

Cost: $220

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