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Animal Psychic Readings

This beautiful service will help the animal, be it a domesticated or wild animal, speak through The Venus Twins to the concerned human about anything that is reasonable to discuss.

This Psychic Reading will also benefit the animal in that they will feel a closer bond to their human, if domestic and if a wild animal is concerned, a beautiful connection to God and the human asking about their wellbeing will be connected for eternity.

We ask you to hear the animal’s side of the story, in full awareness of their perspective in this lifetime, or as the soul that has passed over looking back on the lifetime, as they speak to you through their Higher Self.

The animal might have been someone else to the human in other incarnations, so it’s important to only ask questions relating to this current lifetime on Earth, as this lifetime is unique to their relationship with their animal now.

We can also connect with the Higher Self of animals that have passed over, to answer questions and help bring comfort to their Earth family. This is a very beautiful and deeply moving experience for the human connected to this animal.

The animal we are reading for does not need to be physically present, but of course they are welcome to be present if this is possible for you.

All services with animals must be done via Zoom.

A Psychic Reading Session lasts approximately 1 hour.

International clients, please note we are in Melbourne, Australia and work in Australian Eastern Standard Time – AEST, (English only).

The price is $220

Sessions: 1 hour (approx.)

Cost: $220

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