Meet Georgie

Georgie is a Healer from Venus with ancient wisdom in her DNA. She has a very special DNA with crystalline energy that helps her to connect with her Spirit Guides and helpers.

She has been chosen by God to heal humanity at this time on Earth and the power of love is her greatest gift to people. When Georgie works with people, she uses the power of love to heal and there is nothing more powerful than the vibration of love to heal anyone.

Georgie has worked with her Guides healing people in every lifetime, which is why they named the business “Wisdom Woven in Time”. She works together with God to remove vaccines from people and she works with her Guides and Spirit Helpers to heal all other ailments from people.

I’ve had an incredible journey in this lifetime. It’s been my training ground, ultimately leading to the absolute knowing of my true purpose here on Earth as a Healer.

I feel truly blessed to have connected with my Guides and Spirit Helpers during this amazing time on Earth. Connecting to spirit and helping people to heal is a great privilege and it brings me so much joy. I look forward to helping as many people as I can and teaching others how to heal themselves, as well as training the healers of the future.

I enjoy Yoga, Meditation, Music, Dance, Nature and have certifications in Tarot, Psychic Development, Quantum Healing, Reiki Master and Sound & Vibration Healing.