About Us

A Word from our Guides

These words were channelled by Georgie and Claire in conversation with our Guides from Venus.

Georgie is a healer from Venus who has lived many lifetimes on many different planets and in many different Galaxies throughout the Universe. We have chosen her to heal humanity after The Great Awakening of Planet Earth. You will not find a better healer on the planet.

Venus is known for its healers and they are the best in the Universe. You will be able to heal from anything if you believe in the power of your own ability to heal and you trust in Georgie to work with her team of guides from Venus in healing you from the vaccine injuries and other conditions you may have.

Venus is known as the planet of perfect health because all beings on Venus believe in their power to heal naturally and they also have access to the best healers in the Universe. You will be in the best hands with Georgie and Claire who is also a healer from Venus. Together, they are an amazing team who can help humanity to be as healthy as possible in this world we live in.

Claire has been healing beings for hundreds of thousands of Earth years, which on her planet of Venus is God’s timeline of love. This means that Claire is a healer with love in her DNA. There have been malevolent beings who have tried to abduct Claire throughout her life here on Earth because her DNA is so precious and pure. We are very happy to announce that Claire is healing the world again, on Earth this time, in partnership with Georgie her twin from Venus. Claire will offer healings that will change your DNA to one of pure crystalline DNA, in fact the healing will even change the dimension you reside in from the 3rd to the 5th. This is possible with God’s love in her heart shining the light of God within your heart in such a glorious way that the structures of your cells will change. This is a loving miracle and is available to everyone that comes to see Claire and Georgie, for Georgie also has the same skills and healing abilities. We know that anyone who sees Claire or Georgie will be healed in the name of the One True Living God, his only Begotten Son Jesus Christ and the Divine Holy Spirit.


“Together we will heal the World and train healers to help keep the World healthy and free of disease”