Our Goal

Wisdom Woven in Time

Our goal at Wisdom Woven in Time is to work with humanity after The Great Awakening on Earth, to heal vaccine injuries and all other ailments.

This is a time of great change and we see a growing need for Healers as we move towards eradicating all dis-ease. It’s an incredible opportunity for us to re-connect with God and remember how powerful we truly are. We were created with the ability to heal our own bodies and surrounded by all that we need to assist us to heal naturally.

We look forward to assisting as many people as we can to discover their own power to heal.

“Wisdom Woven in Time works well when you believe in the power of your own ability to heal. When you trust in the power of God and our healers to work their magic on you, you can heal from anything you may be suffering from today.”

Who We Are

Meet Georgie

Georgie is a Healer from Venus with ancient wisdom in her DNA. She has a very special DNA with crystalline energy that helps her to connect with her Spirit Guides and helpers. She has been chosen by God to heal humanity at this time on Earth and the power of love is her greatest gift to people.

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Who We Are

Meet Claire

Claire has been a healer her entire adult life, starting with caring for the elderly then moving into the professional nursing field of work. She has a human connection that makes everyone she comes into contact with feel loved.

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“Together we will heal the World and train healers to help keep the World healthy and free of disease”

— Georgie & Claire

About Us

A word from our guides

These words were channelled by Georgie and Claire in conversation with our Guides from Venus.

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